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So you’re having a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas? Now you need entertainment!

Well you've come to the right place. August Entertainment Inc. is pleased to bring you

“SnakeBabe’s Sexy Circus"

The SnakeBabe is America’s sexiest magician, along with her giant snakes and her cast of sideshow characters she will create a party atmosphere that you will never forget.

Imagine telling your friends that your party had:

…A 375-pound lady strip naked to perform her infamous “Banana Trick”

…Nude little people both male and female only 50 inches tall

…Belly dancers that tie you up and dance the exotic “Dance of the 7 Veils”

…Hot naked girls wearing only paint that you apply

…Full contact girl on girl sex toy shows

…Two sexy Lesbians perform erotic displays beyond imagination.

…Pole dancers and strippers

…Dripping hot candle wax shows

…Private one-on-one lap dancers

…And of course, as seen on every major television network, America’s sexiest magician, The Fire-Eating SnakeBabe herself, performing magic with spiders, cockroaches and her giant Pythons!

SnakeBabe’s sexy circus is without a doubt the single most unusual party package that Las Vegas has to offer. Be the best man by giving the Bachelor “Bragging Rights” for the rest of his married life.